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Alternative Frac Tanks Usage for Municipalities

By September 23, 2017August 21st, 2019Frac Tanks

Acid tanks (commonly known in the oil & gas industry as ‘frac tanks’) are well-suited to serve many useful purposes across a wide variety of industries because of their mobility, versatility, and affordability. 

Within municipalities, in particular, frac tanks can be used for a variety of different solutions regarding their utilities and public construction projects. Here are several ways that cities and towns can use frac tanks to their advantages.

Temporary Water and Wastewater Storage and Filtration

Adding permanent water and wastewater solutions can take time and strain budgets. Frac tanks are an excellent temporary solution.

Temporary Rerouting of Water Pipelines

A city or town can use a frac tank and some pumps to completely re-route both a water pipeline or a natural waterway such as a creek.

Hydrocarbon and Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Filtration

VOCs, such as benzene, xylene (BETX), toluene, MTBE, and ethylbenzene are real concerns for any municipality. A frac tank can filter these hazards.

Filtration of Dissolved Heavy Metals and Per Chlorate

When there are municipal projects that unearth heavy metals, they must be dealt with as safely as possible. A frac tank can filter and dissolve these materials such as hexavalent chromium and zinc.

Construction and Repair of Underground Utilities

When utilities need expansion or repair, having access to temporary storage tanks, like a frac tank, can help expedite projects.

Trench Shoring Systems

Municipalities can use frac tanks to help with trench shoring systems for lift stations, sewer pipes, and utilities.

Slurry Products Delivery

A municipality can blend and deliver slurry products such as bentonite with a mobile frac tank.
Excavation often requires access to water, which a frac tank can provide on a mobile basis.

Dewatering and Filtration

If an area of a town is flooded, a frac tank can be used to quickly pump out and remove that water, while also cleaning it for release at another location.

Contamination Treatment

If a city or town has a contamination issue, a frac tank can be employed as an on-site solution for the treatment of contaminated dredging and groundwater.

Stormwater Storage and Treatment

Stormwater mediation is a common issue with many cities and towns. Frac tanks can be used to both store and treat stormwater wherever there is the greatest need.

Grade Dust Control Systems

Just as they are used at construction sites, frac tanks can be deployed around cities and towns to assist with grading dust control.

Acid tanks were designed for the fracking industry, but their unique design and capabilities have allowed a variety of cost-effective applications across numerous industries. Not only are frac tanks portable and convenient, but they also provide efficient means to store and treat liquids, particularly those of the hazardous variety.