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Patented Corrosion Protection Technology Provides 100% Leak Protection

Patented Corrosion Protection Technology Provides 100% Leak Protection

Eliminate the risk of leaking corrosive chemicals such a HCL (Muriatic acid), produced water, fuel oil, or gasoline - and avoid the costs of redundant containment systems, fines, hazardous waste remediation, environmental litigation, and frequent maintenance.

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How our Leak-Proof Acid Storage Tank Works

Texoma Manufacturing has applied it’s expertise in hydrochloric acid storage tank design to Our patented leak-proof acid tank / frac tank, which utilizes a flexible interior corrosion-prevention system, made from polyvinylchloride (PVC) – the best, most versatile and corrosion-resistant material to use in frack water storage tanks. The flexible PVC containment system is mechanically attached to the interior, steel wall at over 100 different locations. The interior system is flexible and it will not crack or leak during normal use. This prevents corrosive chemical leaks through small fissures and fractures which ultimately cause steel tanks to fail.

Since acid corrodes steel by stripping surface material from the metal, most acid tanks are configured with an acid-resistant layer to prevent the acid from reaching the steel exterior. During transport and normal use, fixed-liner flexes and causes cracks that allow corrosive chemicals to reach the metal exterior. This rapidly degrades the capability of the system to contain the chemicals and the tank leaks.

The majority of acid-tanks in field-use leak requiring expensive secondary containment systems and additional safety, and environmental risks – not to mention potential fines and legal exposure to litigation from municipalities for polluting land and ground water.

Frac Tanks

The Zero-Spill hydrochloric acid containment system is a patented acid tank which eliminates liner failures by containing the acid or corrosive chemical within an engineered, polyethylene bladder inside the tank. The bladder adds an extra layer of protection which isolates the chemicals from the interior walls, thus preventing the corrosive chemicals to leak and degrade the system. This allows the tank itself to become the required secondary containment structure.

Zero Spill Benefits

We provide installation and consultation about configuring the dual-layer containment system for standard frac-tanks and chemical containment applications.

  • Eliminate secondary exterior containment systems
  • Minimize health risks due to contact with chemicals
  • Preserve environmental safety and groundwater
  • Minimize labor costs
  • Lower cost of ownership with longer lifespan