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Blasting and Painting

Used on storage tanks, pipes, and other metal items, this industrial strength cleaning method prepares dirty and weathered surfaces to be painted, releasing dirt, rust, and/or paint residue from the area treated. Once cleaned, the item is then ready to be painted to your specifications. We use different types of paints depending on type of usage and exposure to elements.

Plate Rolling

This process takes a sheet of metal and rolls it into a round, conical, cylinder, or similar shape. The finished product is precise and of the utmost quality.Capacity: 3/8” plate x 120” width.

Pipe and Tube Rolling

This process also referred to as “pipe and tube bending,” provides custom equipment to meet your needs.

Tube bending is commonly used on the following: vehicles, elbows for process plants, and bicycle racks. In construction, tube bending is used for parts of roof trusses, as stringers on bridges, for canopies and circular staircases. Pipe bending produces material that is commonly used on agricultural and construction machinery, curved pipe trusses, circular staircases, canopies, and more. Capacity: Two 1/2” OD. Schd 40.

Portable Welding

This common fabrication or sculptural process joins materials by causing coalescence. This is often done by melting the workpieces and adding a filler material to form a pool of molten material, which cools to become a strengthened joint. Pressure, combined with heat, is then used to produce the weld. We offer MIG, TIG, and portable welding, in your choice of steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Machine Shop

Milling is often referred to as one of the most commonly used processes in industrial and machine shops. This process uses rotary cutters to remove material from an item, in order to conform it to a specific shape that meets the client’s needs.

Drilling, or “boring” is the process of enlarging an existing hole, through the use of a single-point cutting tool. Put simply, it’s like a giant hole puncher. Attention to detail and quality control is very important to us, to ensure that each piece meets the specifications that you give us.

Turning is a process in which a cutting tool completes a helical path by moving linearly, while the piece that is being worked on rotates. This process is typically carried out on a lathe, which is considered to be one of the oldest manufacturing tools.

Drafting and Design

Our team of professionals are proud to offer 3D modeling and production drawings. We take care of all the hard stuff, producing a plan that tells the machine shop what needs to be done, and how it should be accomplished. Our computer-aided design helps us create 3D models that show all of the necessary dimensions for which to manufacture parts. We know you can’t afford to take chances; let us help make your product perfect the first time around.

Flame and Plasma Burning

We are proud to offer flame cutting, up to 4” thick steel plates, as well as plasma cutting, up to 1 1/4” plates. This process takes ordinary pieces of steel and cuts them to meet your specific needs, for use in a variety of construction, agricultural, and industrial projects — just to name a few.

Custom Fabrication

This is the heart of our business and our original offering. From small machined parts, to large fabricated sheet metal, to structural steel weldments—we provide quality solutions for virtually any metal fabrication need, no matter how big or small! Give us a call today, so that we can discuss your needs and provide you with the product that is right for you.